Asian-Inspired Streetwear in Harajuku w/ King Family, Don Don Down Wednesday, New York Joe, Adidas & Romantic Standard

In the Harajuku street, we came across 15-year-old student Mawoni.

Mawoni’s colorful ensemble consists of a black Adidas skeleton print jacket, which she wore over a red satin Chinese-style embroidered tunic from New York Joe. She tucked both the jacket and top into blue-and-red satin Thai boxing shorts, bought from Don Don Down on Wednesday. Black-and-white kanji print socks and platform patent leather zipper boots from King Family completed her outfit. She is carrying a black King Family NCAA Sports belt bag and she finished off her look with accessories such as red hair bun caps for her twin tails, silver hoop earrings, clear safety glasses with strawberry-print adornments, a black leather body harness, a pink round coin purse and a green powerbank hanging from a white mobile date cable used as a belt. Some of these accessories are from Romantic Standard.

Mawoni mentioned that Kinji is her fashion favorite, and that she likes the music of American rock band, Kiss.

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