Asymmetrical Poncho & Sarueru Pants in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese guy with a cool short hairstyle was photographed on the street in Harajuku. He is wearing an asymmetrical poncho with long sleeves or a sweater (not sure what to call it) over a several layers of shirts, sarueru (drop crotch) pants from the Japanese brand KMK, and reddish brown Dr. Martens leather boots. His accessories include earrings, headphones, a brass globe necklace, and a metal keyring. He said that his favorite places to shop include Nano Universe and vintage/resale shops. As far as music, he listens to rock.

Cool Harajuku Men's Fashion

Asymmetrical Poncho or Sweater

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  1. love this dudes outfit! I want to raid his closet for those pants and in their place would be a pair of my Levis =P He would know the pants are missing but I just got to have those drop crotch pants! I wonder if they come in bright colors like purple, blue, or dark pink.

  2. Wow. Is it only me that gets reminded of an anime character when seeing this? :D

  3. Steven Shipman

    I LOVE this look! Relaxed but eye-catching. Awesome silhouette and colors, awesome hair and love the shoes. Love, LOVE, LUUUUUV it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!