Atelier Pierrot & Alchemy Gothic Lolita Fashion in Harajuku

Ni is an exchange student in Tokyo, and she’s 23. She took to the local fashion with a gothic lolita outfit that caught our eye.

Ni is wearing an Atelier Pierrot blouse and corset skirt, both black. She carries a simple Metamorphose bag, which she paired with long lace-up boots from Bodyline. Her headdress is from Alice and the Pirates, while the rest of her accessories are Alchemy Gothic – a pendant and several rings.

She told us that Atelier Pierrot is her favorite shop, and that she likes black metal, URT and Tapper.

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  1. Beautiful!! Amazing accessories, I really like those rings, hair, boots…. well, when it’s Gothic Lolita fashion I surrender to it’s beauty. I really like Gothic Lolita style.

  2. あくま悪魔

    Those boots are amazing as are her eyes It’s nice to see gaijin in harajuku!!

  3. Dick Fitswell

    Very well dressed in detail and thoughts!

  4. Victoria Moore

    I hope she doesn’t mind if I steal this look because it’s fantastic!

  5. Que chulada de traje y botas y accesorios y de toh .La verdad me asombra que una alumna de intercambio adopte el estilo de tokio porque no es muy habitual Jeje Que chulada

  6. Me da mucha pena que en España no se pueda vestir así… ¡el estilo gothic lolita es el mejor! >.<