Auburn Bob, Print Leggings & Masons Cap

This cute auburn-haired Japanese girl is named Sachiko. We photographed her in Harajuku. She’s wearing a white zippered jacket from G.V.G.V. and a short flared aqua skirt from American Apparel, which is her favorite store. Her white platform hightop sneakers with pink and white laces are from Nadia.

We noticed her eye-catching accessories, including bright patterned leggings and a Scottish Rite Masons cap. She’s also carrying a pair of glasses with fuchsia frames.
Auburn Bob, Print Leggings & Masons Cap

G.V.G.V. zippered jacket & Masons cap

Auburn bob and Masons cap with Eagle insignia

Print leggings and Nadia platform hightops

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  1. I like the single pieces, but I don’t know if I can overcome the general weirdness of the whole outfit.

  2. The leggings are pretty distracting and, don’t really fit in with the outfit as a whole.
    I think this could be pretty cute otherwise.

  3. I love the skirt I have a black one like it..I wear it constantly ..and I think the outfit suits her. Very cute!

  4. drew gore

    im not sure if i like the idea of people wearing Freemason symbols as fashion
    especially if your not affiliated with such a group.
    she does look cute however.

  5. lol i have that skirt in pink. Now i need to find those leggings and i could pull that off!

  6. PenguinSnuggles

    Ah, I love her hair! I’ve noticed that lately I can’t find any people featured here that have natural black hair. It makes me shocked each time I see people with black hair.