Avant-Garde Handmade Inflatable Japanese Streetwear in Harajuku

Turning heads on the streets of Harajuku was Kanji, whose head-to-toe inflatable ensemble caught everyone’s attention. He’s been featured before on this site on several occasions – and featured in a recent YouTube fashion interview – due to his fearless sartorial sense and eye-catching outfits.

The 17-year-old Japanese high school student donned a handmade pink-and-purple inflatable dress with cap sleeves and a flared silhouette. Kanji styled it with matching handmade pink shoes with pointy toes and purple horns on the back. He also wore an identical handmade pink-and-purple inflatable headpiece and a multicolored skull face mask. To complete his look, he carried a silver telephone handbag from Prega, which featured a transparent top handle and contrasting black piping and shoulder strap.

Kanji gets his fashion favorites from Fecal Matter and Iris Van Herpen. He also enjoys listening to music from My First Story and Bump of Chicken. For more style updates, follow Kanji on Instagram.

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