Avant-Garde Japanese Street Fashion w/ Extreme Makeup, Gas Mask, Zac Vargas Studded Jacket, Anton Berluti, Rowan & Demonia Platform Glitter Boots

Making a statement on the streets of Tokyo one evening is TKM Freedom, the Japanese fashion designer and popular streetwear personality.

This evening, TKM is sporting a black-and-red avant-garde streetwear style, which features a studded leather motorcycle jacket with an upturned collar from Zac Vargas. He wore the jacket over a red Anton Berluti t-shirt, donned red-tinged black Rowan pants, then donned a layer of black-and-red ripped shorts. TKM stepped onto a pair of platform white glitter boots from Demonia and finished off his style with a spiked gas mask. TKM embellished his eye-catching style with extreme face makeup and forehead spikes.

Check out TKM’s styled feed on Instagram. Follow his brand’s (Teens Killed by Majority) social media updates on Instagram and the Official Website.

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