Avant-Garde Japanese Streetwear w/ Dog Harajuku, Adidas, LAD Musician, Yohji Y’s, Sulvam, Shareef, Dolls Kill & Prega

Here’s Kanji, the 17-year-old student who is well-known for his creative avant-garde streetwear looks in Harajuku.

This afternoon, Kanji stepped out on the street all covered up in a monochrome street style, which consists of a black Sulvam coat with distressed trims, added extra long sleeves with white side stripes, and worn over a monochrome print top from Shareef. Black wide leg pants from LAD Musician, black velvet boots with clear heels from Dolls Kill, a black Y’s Yohji Yamamoto backpack, a white braided sling bag from Prega, and a LAD Musician tote bag finished off his style. Kanji wore Adidas track pants over his head as a headscarf, and accessorized with Dog Harajuku gold drop earrings, a black mask, a black ribbed pom pom scarf tied around his neck, a Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 belt and black cap pinned to his coat. Black dripping eye makeup rounded out Kanji’s avant-garde look.

Iris Van Herpen, Dolls Kill and Fecal Matter are some of Kanji’s favorite fashion brands, and he likes listening to the music of My First Story and Bump of Chicken. For more of his creative streetwear styles, follow Kanji on Twitter and Instagram.

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