Dark Avant-Garde Japanese Streetwear w/ Sulvam, Y-3, LAD Musician, Dog Harajuku & Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

While out for an evening stroll along the Harajuku street, we spotted Kanji, whose all-black avant-garde streetwear style often catches our attention.

Kanji’s statement outfit consists of a long black coat with ripped lining edges from Sulvam, which he wore over black layers of a cape hoodie and a satin button down shirt. He tucked his shirt into leather pants from Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, cinched with a black Y-3 belt, and his footwear is covered up with handmade satin fabric swatches. His accessories – some from Dog Harajuku – include statement drop earrings, a leather o-ring body harness, a silver wallet chain, and he is carrying a LAD Musician tote bag. In addition, a colorful bottom face skeleton mask is nesting around his neck.

Kanji lists Fecal Matter and Iris Van Herpen as his fashion favorites, and he enjoys the music of Bump of Chicken and My First Story. For more on Kanji and his creative fashion styling, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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