Avant-Garde Japanese Street Styles w/ Handmade & Remake Fashion, Spiked Headpiece, Face Mask, Demonia, YRU & Dolls Kill

On the street in Harajuku, our eye was easily caught by the avant-garde styles of Sakuran and Kanji, two Japanese students who are often featured in our fashion snaps.

At the left is 17-year-old Kanji, whose handmade street style consists of a mixture of yellow and white fabric strips, a black mesh top with plastic panels and a doll’s head attached to his waist, a colorful painted face mask, yellow netting and beige “hair locks”. A pair of handmade YRU boots with strips of metallic cloth and plastics completed his unique streetwear. Kanji’s list of fashion brands include Christian Dior, Heron Preston, Dries Van Noten and Fecal Matter. His musical favorites include Bump of Chicken and My First Story, and he is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Sakuran is dressed in a remake long sleeve white top with blue stripes, worn over a nude see-through top with black details from Dolls Kill, which she paired with maroon Adidas track pants, and a pair of white pants strapped in front of her. Platform silver glitter boots from Demonia, a statement headpiece consisting of a striped heel, toy and black spikes, grommet belts strapped around her chest, and silver tubes going around her shoulders and waist finished off Sakuran’s statement-making ensemble. Sakuran loves to shop at Radd Lounge, and she likes the music of Gabber and 808. Sakuran is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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