Aya Hasegawa, Pop Sister & S Cawaii Fashion Model

Here’s Aya Hasegawa (長谷川 あや)! She’s a model for the Japanese fashion magazines Pop Sister & S Cawaii. Just like everyone else, Japanese models love to shop in Harajuku, and that’s where we ran into Aya walking down the street!

Aya is wearing a casual outfit that features an interesting oversized Rolling Stones sweatshirt with zippered short sleeves & long sleeves from the Japanese brand Ravi, black Diesel short shorts, animal print stockings, and black high top sneakers that she bought resale. Her accessories include a cap from Rude Gallery, yellow glasses, her Diesel backpack, and several silver rings (at least one of which is from Chrome Hearts).

Aya told us that two of her favorite fashion brands are Diesel and Nadia and that her favorite genres of music are Western (music from Europe/North America/etc) and R&B. For more information on her, you can check out Aya Hasegawa’s Blog (in Japanese).

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She’s super cute :)
    I don’t want to sound horrible, but it’s reassuring to see that even Japanese models don’t have perfect skin 24/7 *wipes brow* phew X3

    Her outfit is really simple and cute, I like it :)

  2. She is cute, the outfit is simple yet stylish xoxo***

  3. Bananabear

    Cute outfit but those massive circle lenses creep me the frack out. She looks like a creepy little murder doll.

  4. какое хорошенькое личико))прям приятно смотреть))

  5. OMG! She’s sooo cute! I can totally see why she’s a model!!
    LOVE her outfit! Especially her bag and rings!! xD

  6. She’s so perfect, I wanna be like her everyday *o*