Ayaka’s Embellished UTA Top & Plaid Dog Shorts

This is Ayaka, the Dog resale shop staffer that we’ve photographed many times. This time Ayaka, who’s 21 and also a Bunka Fashion College student, is wearing a cute UTA dotted top embellished with beads and sequins that she bought used. She bought her red plaid shorts at Dog.

Ayaka’s accessories include a super-wide red leather belt, an ethnic print scarf and a tan leather purse from Moschino. Her black and plaid platform shoes are from Demonia. She’s also wearing black-and-white striped socks with red trim.

We asked Ayaka about her favorite sources for fashion and the answer was Dog and Hikari.
Embellished UTA Top & Plaid Dog Shorts

Dotted UTA top embellished w/ sequins

Moschino leather handbag

Demonia platform show w/ plaid & lace insets

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  1. Hmmm… I can’t really say I like the belt, but I like the skirt and top!! And I LOVE the shoes. I want those shoes. *w*

  2. Shes gorgeous because of her amazing chilled out style…love her shoes. Love the way shes done her hair too.