Ayano’s Topshop Jacket, Choker & Platforms in Harajuku

Here’s a cool 19-year-old Japanese college student named Ayano who we photographed in Harajuku.

Ayano is wearing a leather-sleeve jacket from Topshop over an H&M top, a long denim button up dress/shirt, graphic stockings, and black platform shoes. Accessories – some of which came from Aquvii – include a choker (this looks like Bubbles Harajuku style), a head scarf, several spike earrings, a vintage Chanel necklace, two rings, and a canvas Chanel bag.

Ayano’s favorite shops include Bubbles Harajuku and Topshop. She enjoys listening to rock music from the UK. If you’d like to know more about her, check out Ayano’s Twitter!

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  1. So freakin awshume
    her hair is just gorgeous!!
    And all the pieces are making it a great outfit!