Baby The Stars Shine Bright w/ H&M vs. Dr. Martens w/ Kinji & WEGO

Here are two Harajuku girls with cute summer style. The girl on the right with two-tone blonde and pink hair is Rachel. She’s wearing a black bustier from Kinji with a long white blouse and a black print skirt from WEGO. Her white boots are from Dr. Martens.

Rachel’s accessories include one of Bubble’s tattoo chokers that we’re seeing a lot of this season. Her fabric bag, which is embellished with cherries, is from Bunkaya Zakkaten.

The girl on the left is Maho, an 18-year-old specialty school student. Her bright pink lace dress is from H&M. She’s carrying a bag from Nadia and also has a tattoo choker from Bubbles. Other accessories include a heart-shaped Nile Perch button on her dress and a silver ram’s head ring.

Maho’s cute shoes, which are decorated with bows and worn with polka dot socks, are from Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

When we asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources, Maho said she likes Nadia. She also said that her favorite music is by Tommy Heavenly6 and Anna Tsuchiya.

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  1. The close-ups of Rachel are stunning. She has that pose nailed.