Meet Chisato, a 20-year-old Japanese ballet dancer who we photographed on the street in Harajuku.

Chisato is wearing a cute empire waist dress from Million Carats along with gold winged platform shoes from Vivienne Westwood x Melissa. Her cute teddy bear heart ring is by Katie and her pink heart handbag is from the famous Harajuku fashion brand Milk.

Chisato told us that her favorite shop is Harajuku’s own Nadia. If you’d like to know more about her fashion or her dancing, check Chisato out on Twitter.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. Does anybody know where I can find those shoes? I love them, they are so cute!

  2. @Mimmi look on Ebay, this style isn’t in season right now and pretty much impossible to find. I’m pretty sure the girl’s are knockoffs anyways, the way the wings attach looks wonky- unlike the real shoes.

  3. @Mimmi – they are Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Wing Platforms, as it says in the description. Also, as the other person stated, they are out of season and most likely aren’t going to be in stock anywhere.

  4. Hahahahahahha @derp do you even own a pair of those shoes? I do and i can pretty much tell you that the way the wings are attached is exactly like that. You clip the ankle straps and then you adjust the wings pulling them to the outer side of your feet, and they can be deattached.