Ballet Slippers Handbag, Vintage Shawl & Platforms in Harajuku

Here’s someone who we see often around Harajuku, and whose unique style makes her very hard to miss: it’s Minami from Tokyo Bopper! We’ve photographed Minami many times before. She’s also been featured in numerous Japanese street fashion magazines.

Minami is wearing a layered winter outfit featuring a vintage shawl, a knit top, a lace-adorned dress/skirt, vintage-print tights, lace ruffle socks, and white Belly Button platform shoes. She didn’t give us all of her brand info, but she said that some of her items came from Onna. Accessories include a beautiful hair bow that appears to have French(?) writing on it, a Vivienne Westwood necklace, a bow earring, Vivienne Westwood mittens, and a furry anklet. Minami’s stunning one-of-a-kind purse – which is handmade out of real ballet shoes – is from Shibuya’s Barrack Room.

Minami told us that her favorite shop is Tokyo Bopper and her favorite musician is Tommy Heavenly.

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  1. Marijelly

    “De Enille (or Lnille) à ton côté”… I’m a French native speaker and I can confirm that does mean nothing… But I really like her style! :)

  2. Awesome. I have a few pairs of pointe shoes from back in my ballet days. Maybe I could donate them for creative purposes… :P

  3. Marijelly, I think the second word is “brille.” It would translate to something like “to shine at your side,” perhaps?

  4. I’m french, and I can read “Je brille à ton côté”. Yes, we can translate to something like “to shine at your side” like Jill said. Or literally “I’m shining at your side”. Voila :)
    Sorry for my bad english, i’m not really good at ~