Banal Chic Bizarre Dress & Dr. Martens Mary Janes

Here’s Nachan, a cute 20-year-old girl who works as an assistant. She’s wearing a dress from Banal Chic Bizarre with a full orange skirt and a cumberbund pieced from denim and other cotton fabrics. Her soft leather belt and brown fabric handbag (which she borrowed from her mother) match the natural look of her dress.

Nachan’s Mary Jane shoes are from Dr. Martens. Her accessories include a large silver cross on a chain.
Banal Chic Bizarre & soft belt

Pieced cumberbund & full orange skirt

Brown fabric handbag

Dr. Martens Mary Janes & white ankle socks

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  1. I don’t really like that dress but shoes are cool (well it’s Dr. Martens…^^)! Ummm the skirt is very nice – it suits her but that top part?

  2. Are wigs really popular in Tokyo? I’m not suggesting she is wearing a wig, but sometimes it is hard to tell! It seems a lot of the hairstyles in the street photos look like wigs. Wigs to wear as fashion shouldn’t be as tabooed here in UK as it is, as they look really cool and a great fashion statement!

  3. Cute colour combinations. Love the model’s hair, it goes with the clothes.
    Awesome job!

  4. sandrablast


    I wonder the same thing, is it allowed in japanese school to have dyed hair? if not, they’re wearing a wig instead? XD

  5. Nice use of blues and orange….both th emodel and the cut is super cute.

  6. I love her use of colours and the entire dress is amazing.

  7. well she is twenty…sooooo she’s most likely done wit school….there fore, the dyed hair. :)

    LOVE her outfit! everything flows just right! (it looks like sumtin i would actually come up with one day to wear o_O)

  8. Madonna Lily

    I agree with people here, MANY girl’s hair, here in Tokyofashion look too perfect to be real.