Banal Chic Bizarre Yellow Leather Pants & Remade Shirt Bag

This guy with a sporty look is 23-year-old Takato. His buckled and zippered mustard-colored leather pants are from Banal Chic Bizarre, which is also where he got his white jacket with blue, red and green accents. His black boots with oversized blue laces are also from BCB. Accessories from Alice Black and other shops include a blue knit headband, trendy sunglasses with orange frames and two silver rings.

Takato’s bag from Banal Chick Bizarre is remade from a plaid shirt. When we asked Takato about his favorite place to shop and answer was ADD Nagano.
Banal Chic Bizarre Yellow Leather Pants

Banal Chic Bizarre jacket in Harajuku

Japanese guy with knit headband

Banal Chic Bizarre bag remade from shirt

Silver Skull ring in Harajuku

Banal Chic Bizarre boots with oversized laces

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  1. Crystal Thérèse

    Really… really like those pants and am totally feelin’ the colors. Very nice.

  2. Seriously… the only thing missing is a manicure… Gorgeous in every other ways…

  3. Da shhh|t man! awesome style.
    Want those sunglases xD Kids Want TECHNO

  4. OMG, look at his fingers, he must be skinny :(

  5. AMAZING! I LOVE the jacket. At one point didn’t BCB have vintage in their store along with their own line? Is that Jacket actually BCB or vintage from the shop? If its vintage I’d say that’s a pretty rare piece!