Bandana Twintails, Barcode Jacket & Platform Sneakers in Harajuku

Hatsune is a Japanese student who we met on the famous Cat Street shopping street in Harajuku. Her bandana-wrapped twintails hairstyle is the first thing that caught our eye.

Hatsune is wearing a QissQill QR Code / Barcode hoodie over a graphic t-shirt, a black skirt, yellow and red knee socks with fishnets, and platform sneakers from Sevens. Accessories include her black mask, bandanas over twintails, a heart choker, and a backpack from WEGO Harajuku.

Hatsune told us that her favorite fashion brand is Qiss Qill and her favorite band is Meijibray. For more info, find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. this is such a great look, it’s almost as if she’s come from another planet, so perfect