Barrack Room Antique Photo Skirt & Rocking Horse Shoes in Harajuku

Here are two stylish girls we met in Harajuku. Both of them have put together their outfits from a combination of vintage and remake items. These looks – built on light colors, layers, and vintage – are probably within the loosely-defined realm of Japanese “cult party kei” fashion.

Both of the girls are wearing layered vintage fashion and rocking horse shoes, but there are two specific items which caught our attention right away when we spotted them. The first stand out item is the vintage leather purse that the girl on the left is carrying. The second – and most interesting item – is the sheer skirt that the girl on the right is wearing. The vintage skirt – which she purchased at Barrack Room – has been decorated with antique photographs, postcards, and other similar items. It’s a fantastic example of what is called in Japan “remake fashion” – taking something that already exists and adding to it (or subtracting from it) it in a way that makes it into something new.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. I love their outfits! I think that skirt is amazing, and this sort of ‘remake’ style inspires me to do more diy-ing myself, haha. Love the shoes too, I really love Tokyo Bopper’s shoes/Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse shoes! Love this! ~

  2. By far my favourite! I love everything about their outfit choices, wau –
    the bag is absolutely stunning, as are the shoes. Love the girl on the right’s makeup too.
    Thank you for capturing this!

  3. I just love the girl on the right’s make! love love love that pink stuff on her eyes. :D