Beadazzled Headphones & Pokemon Backpack

This colorfully dressed blonde guy is Yumaranta, a student who’s 18 years old. He’s a fan of handmade apparel and remakes. He remade both his Walt Disney World shirt and cutoff denim shorts by embellishing them with plastic stars and small toys. He’s also wearing a red hoodie, black and yellow totted tights and neon animal print slippers with handmade details. On his back is a Pokemon backpack.

Yumaranta’s handmade and remade accessories include beadazzled headphones, earrings made from plastic bells, several plastic rings and a cap with attached horns and a string of plastic stars. He has also decorated his face with plastic beads, a plastic eye and gold-tipped eyelashes.

Yumaranta’s favorite type of music is from the 1980s, especially Whitney Houston. We asked about his favorite place to shop and the answer was Broken Doll. Yumaranta is also the drummer of the band by the same name, Broken Doll. You can find out more about both the shop and the band at the Broken Doll website.

Handmade & remade apparel & accessories

Shirt & hat with plastic decorations

Hat with horns & plastic bell earrings

Earrings with plastic bells

Pokemon backpack

Plastic rings & multicolored nail polish

Beadazzled headphones

Polka dot tights & neon slippers

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  1. You Pok-em-on!

    Yeh this isn’t really fashion IMO. It’s more Dare to wear.

  2. Thanks Kensuke – I just added the info & a link to the Broken Doll website to the original post. :-)

  3. he looks cute! the style is extraordinary.. I love it normally I don’t like such colorful and disney + Pickachu related styles but this one just works somehow..o(^_^)o

  4. lolol, u look like a cristmass tree :3…tehehe i will admit u have some real guts wearing those accesories :p

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Pikachu

  6. Lova how combine colour is ESP pika dot tights ~~~ >>33