Beautiful Dolly-kei Fashion on Cat Street

This cute Japanese girl was photographed in Harajuku. We couldn’t help but notice her fabulous take on the Dolly-kei style when we spotted her walking down Cat Street. Her hair – a blonde & pink bob topped by a beret – and make-up are especially well done. Her Dolly-kei outfit consists of a long-sleeved cropped gingham top over a teddy bear print top, and a tulle skirt over striped shorts and clogs. Her main bag is a wicker handbag. She’s also carrying an ecobag from Grimoire. She told us that she attended the recent Grimoire Anniversary Party, so you might find her in those pictures as well!

Pretty Japanese Dolly-kei Fashion

Dolly-kei Hair & Makeup

Japanese Dolly-kei Style

Dolly-kei Shoes in Tokyo

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  1. She is a living doll. Very beautiful makeup and outfit.

  2. Hmmm… every piece of her clothing is nice but i don’t like them together – too many patterns at once. this skirt doesn’t match with pants and the top…

  3. if any of you r from Tokyo is that how some ppl dress every DAY?!?! thats amazing c im from th U.S.A soo yea……..

  4. I wished I could pull that off! Love everything she’s wearing, especially those little stained boot-shoes <3 Is that her real hair?

  5. @Rabbit: Dolly-kei isn’t really about matching. It’s more about mixing all sorts of pieces with different patterns, textures, and (rich) colors in a way that literally looks like an Antique doll.

    @ Hayley: some people dress in alternative fashions everyday and some usually wear it on Sundays while the rest of the days include wearing uniforms and other professional clothes for work.

  6. This is probably the most amazing Dolly Kei attempt I’ve ever seen, this girl has an awesome sense for fashion and creating unique outfits.