Beauty Student’s Fuchsia Hair, Pink Shorts, Haight & Ashbury Sweater

This friendly Japanese girl with fuchsia hair is Azusa, a 19-year-old beauty school student. She’s wearing pink cuffed shorts from a resale shop with a black leather belt, a black top and a draped-front sweater from Tokyo’s Haight & Ashbury store. She’s also wearing shear ankle socks with purple trim and black suede platform shoes from Another Edition. Her accessories include a Casio Databank watch, two beaded bracelets and a charm bracelet. She’s also wearing a small green shoulder bag.

Azusa told us the H&M and resale shops are her favorite fashion sources. She also told us that her favorite music is by High Standard.
Resale Pink Shorts, Haight & Ashbury Sweater

Haight & Ashbury sweater

Fuchsia hair & large glasses

Green leather shoulder bag

Casio Databank watch

Another Edition black suede shoes

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  1. Harold Dodd

    She is pretty. Yes, she really has good fashion sense. I guess clothing can be a language, and she knows how to get her word across quite subtlely.

  2. B. Brandt

    Absolutly georgous model, and I.m not talking vodka here.

  3. Lovely outfit :) I would gladly steal the cardigan and watch!

  4. I love her fashion sense and I think I know where she was going with this but I can not forgive this pair of socks! (I mean it). Generally speakin thought: thumbs up!