Bijoux’s Resale Style with Retro Levi’s Jacket, Harem Pants & Long White Scarf

Bijoux is a 20-year-old student who has an entire look that’s assembled from items from used clothing and resale shops. Her outfit includes a retro stonewashed Levi’s denim jacket, two striped cotton shirts and white cotton harem pants. She’s also wearing white socks and sneakers and has a white scarf around her neck.

Bijoux’s bag is from Louis Vuitton. Round glasses and red lipstick are a cute final touch.

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  1. StephanieDenise

    Wow I would like to know which brand of nail polish she is wearing!Her nails have grown a lot and its still on withouit a ship!
    And how(and what) was that cute strawberry applied?

  2. If anyone knows what brand her nailpolish is I’d be very grateful. Opal and moonstone shades! *swoon*