Biker Jacket, Twin Tails, Candy Stripper x AMOYAMO & Winged Backpack

Kashasha is a cute 18-year-old student we met in Harajuku. She was wearing twin tails and a headband.

Kashasha paired a WEGO printed dress with a lilac hoodie and a resale biker jacket. Her backpack is studded with wings attached, and she told us she got it from L.D.S. (Love Drug Store). She bought the flatform sneakers from a shop in Korea, and she wore them here with knee-star tights. She finished the look with a choker necklace and a cross pendant from Candy Stripper x Amoyamo.

We asked Kashasha what her favorite band is, and she told us it’s Arashi. As for shopping, she prefers Katie and Candy Stripper. Find Kashasha on Twitter for more news.

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