Bingo, Chicago & Santa Monica Resale

Tanaka is a 17-year-old high school student who has put together his look from resale shops. His red plaid shirt is from the Bingo resale shop and his long blue Dickies shorts are from another resale shop called Chicago.

Tanka is also wearing leggings from the Santa Monica resale store and he has customized his black resale boots. His accessories include a black bow tie, a black cap and a red plaid backpack from Columbia.

We asked Tanaka about his favorite music and he said it’s Rage Against the Machine.
Bingo, Chicago & Santa Monica Resale

Bingo resale shirt & bow tie

Columbia plaid backpack

Customized resale boots

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  1. Wow *___* This is perfect. Love the mix on skater fashion. And those boots are amazing!

  2. this is nice~~~ love resale items~
    and also the color matching…

  3. Love this. Who know that a backwards cap, longer hair and a bowtie could look so right together :D

  4. First thing I noticed was the fat guy in the background wearing all black with the floral pattern t-shirt…truly a trend setter there!!!

  5. Good job with the folded boots & burgundy socks.

  6. I like the whole look but I’d rather just team up the top half with a pair of jeans or chinos, call me boring but thats what I like :)