Black Leather, Massive Chain & Algonquins Tutu

Asahi is a 17-year-old student who’s created a look that’s both cute and edgy. She’s wearing a black Uniqlo t-shirt with a handmade polka dot skirt over a pink tutu from Algonquins. She’s also wearing black leather in the form of a short motorcycle jacket, a wide corset-style belt and a low-slung belt with a large silver buckle and silver studs. Pink polka dot tights are offset by black boots from Comode.

Asahi’s accessories from Monomania and the 100-yen Shop include plastic and fabric hair bows, a white and silver dog collar and an oversized silver chain around her neck. She also has a ring that resembles a diamond-covered bow and a wide wristband embellished with silver studs. Her black patent purse is from Sexy Dynamite London.

Asahi told us her favorite music is by Sound Horizon and Nightmare. She invites you to check out her Japanese blog.
Black leather jacket & Algonquins tutu

Uniqlo top with leather jacket & oversized chain

Dog collar & fabric hair bow

Hair bun & plastic bows

Big chain & bow ring

Sexy Dynamite London patent purse

Pink dotted stockings & Comode boots

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  1. joviecole

    i adore this out fit shes like a rebellious mini mouse too cute <3

  2. Jon of Tokyo

    I will be down at Harajuku tomorrow afternoon for sure

  3. Awesome style. :) The red plastic bow in her hair is Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

  4. just asking – is that the best place to take fashion photos in Harajuku?

  5. Starshine

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! That’s sooo awesome! :DD

  6. Vanlal Muanpuii

    wooow~ love it….so cute,,so rock ‘n roll…^-^

  7. This outfit is awesome! I could totally pull this off!