Black Leather Nadia Dress & Safety Pin Piercings

This stylish girl is Tomomi, an 18-year-old student. Her black-and-white outfit includes a leather dress from Nadia, a white dress shirt, dotted stockings, black lace-trimmed socks and black platform shoes. Accessories from Spinns and other shops include a black heart ring and a variety of earrings and ear studs that give her an edgy look. Her purse is a large black nylon bag.

When we asked Tomomi about her favorite fashion sources she told us likes Jouetie and Nadia. She also told us that her favorite music is by UVERworld.

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  1. Wooow, that animal earring is very cute! I’ve never seen something like this before =D

  2. One of my favorite outfits on here, ever. So simple but so great.

  3. love the leather dress, she is pretty, which makes the piercings even tougher to look at.

  4. Mikuchiwa

    OMG she’s too much cute ! I love her dress !!! And her hair !