Black Lingerie & Top Shop Cheetah Booties

This pretty Japanese girl is Kawakami, a 23-year-old Furita. She’s wearing a black Marc Jacobs Evil Slot Machine t-shirt under a black lingerie top from a resale shop. Her cheetah print booties are from Top Shop.

Kawakami is carrying a small black leather Diesel purse and a cheetah print shoulder bag. A small bright wallet from Prada’s Miu Miu label is attached to her purse. Her accessories include beaded bracelets and a clear plastic bangle. Black stockings pull the whole look together.
Black Lingerie & Top Shop Cheetah Booties

Marc Jacobs Evil Slot Machines t-shirt

Diesel purse & cheetah print shoulder bag

Miu Miu wallet & Diesel purse

Top Shop cheetah boots

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  1. Is she wearing wig? Love the color and its curly.

  2. I like how the lingerie top just shows “Evil” XD don’t know if that was on purpose or not, but it makes it a little more interesting.

  3. Hardcore <3 it!
    Keen for her bag and attached wallet. =)

  4. rubyrryosuke

    cooool outfit.. I think it’s her real hair though..

  5. ave maria

    this is absolutely delightful
    she’s quite the beauty and her fashion sense is impeccable!

  6. her outif matches her fave expression :)
    pretty interesting
    i do like bag and shoes

  7. to sibi: agreed, I think she’s wearing a wig.

    I like how skinny she is, she pulls the look off well

  8. She is super cute!! :3
    Except she looks like she’s going to kill me.
    But I love her hair!

  9. Cute outfit but she looks like she’s about to kill someone.

  10. Schezerade

    wow…se’s really pretty.
    I love the expression she gives off..