Black Lipstick, Sheer Skirts, Listen Flavor Top & Metallic Sandals in Harajuku

Moeka is a cool girl – wearing a layered outfit with sunglasses and black lipstick – who we spotted in Harajuku. She’s 13 years old, and both a student and a model.

Moeka’s jacket is from TCL (Tokyo Chiip Lovers), featuring skull patches, worn over a mesh top from Listen Flavor. Her sheer skirts are from i tokyo me and Glad News. She accessorized with an Octopus Army muffler, a dollar sign cap, belt, Adidas backpack (with pins and a Hyper Core charm), and metallic wedge sandals with socks.

Moeka told us she likes the Japanese fashion brands Glad News and Listen Flavor, and that she’s a fan of Sekai no Owari. She is also active on Twitter, if you want to look her up.

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  1. Really interesting and great use of layers everywhere!