Black Outfits w/ Colored Spiky Hair, Eros Colorblock Jacket, Belt Strap Top, Daisy Print Cropped Shirt & George Cox Creepers

While out for a walk on the streets of Harajuku, we spotted Kentaro and Viral_booy, two teens whose colored hairstyles and edgy outfits easily caught our attention.

At the left sporting spiky hair with aqua tips is 17-year-old Kentaro. He is clad in a black mock neck top, worn underneath a black tank top with leather grommet belt straps. Black dress pants, black resale ankle boots, and a blue-and-yellow jacket from Eros slung over his shoulder finished off his style. His accessories – some from Eros – include black hoop earrings, a leather studded belt, and an aqua-colored headphones to go along with his hair and blue nails.

Meanwhile, Viral_booy – with blue spiky hair – is dressed in a black cropped daisy print t-shirt, resale acid wash denim pants cinched with a pink studded belt, and white George Cox creepers. Accessories such as silver earrings, a nose ring, a silver chain necklace layered with a religious icon pendant necklace, a Dior chain bracelet, and multiple knuckle rings furnished his edgy style. In addition, a resale black leather waist bag with keychains and a Powerpuff Girls badge is strapped across the 16-year-old’s chest. Viral_booy likes to listen to Fox4g, and he is active on Instagram.

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