Black Sweatshirts, Cuffed Jeans & Green Dr. Martens

We photographed this stylish Japanese couple on the street in Harajuku. The guy on the right is named Ket. He’s wearing cuffed Levis 501xx jeans and Nike Court Force shoes. His black backpack is from Visvim. He’s also wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a graphic lining, a black t-shirt and a cool black and white hat.

The cute girl on the left with long hair and bangs is Chie. She’s paired eye-catching green Dr. Martens boots with shredded cuffed skinny jeans, a black hoodie and a black jacket. She’s carrying a studded black leather bag. She’s also wearing a necklace that features a large antique-style key.
Black Sweatshirts, Cuffed Jeans & Green Dr. Martens

Black leather bag with gold studs

Green Dr. Martens with cuffed skinny jeans

Black hooded sweatshirt with graphic lining

Nike Court Force & cuffed Levi 501xx

Black Visvim backpack

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  1. Oh – cool! Their style gives such a nice feeling! And it’s the first time I saw green dr. martens (till now I saw only more darker colours). I like both of them ^^

  2. kendermouse

    It would’ve been nice to have a closeup on the key…

  3. I wonder what you would call her style. I love it!

  4. Love her shoes coolest things I’ve ever seen :) Also like her pants

  5. Lady Caos

    Love both of them ESPECIALLY the girl! I love all black with an hint of color and she managed it wonderfully! *O*

  6. AshleyLeighann

    her out fit is absolute win
    she put it together awsomely
    plus she's addorable!

  7. Monica Quentine

    theyr so adorable!! =]

  8. I love how the Docs add some color to her outfit