Black & White Remake Jacket, Nadia Sweater & Skirt

This cute college student with twin ponytails is 20-year-old Satomi. Her black and white outfit includes a remade jacket with a sweater and short pleated skirt, both from Nadia. She’s carrying a black leather studded Anna Sui purse. Her black and white creepers, worn with embellished tights, are from Shinjuku Alta.

Satomi’s accessories include a large button with a heart from Milk Boy and a lace button and dripping cross button from monomania. She told us that her favorite shops and brands are monomania, Nadia, Milk Boy and Candy Stripper and her favorite music is by The Kiddie.

Satomi is on Twitter but you can only follow her by request.

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  1. very cute!! *.* did anyone notice that the girls background? they seem strangely familiar…

  2. This is definitely one of my all time favorites

  3. that lace pin is adorable!
    @Daphne, the girl in the back is from another very recent street snap in this site. I believe she’s filling out the form that the photographer gives so that we know what brands she’s wearing. ^_^

  4. When I’ll visit Japan I absolutely have to do some shopping at “Nadia”.. I like her creepers.

  5. The girl behind her had a really nice and cool outfit but Satomi’s hairstyle is really cute ♥