Bleached Hoodie, Aqua Braids, Thigh Highs & Dr. Martens in Harajuku

Here’s a friendly girl we street snapped near LaForet Harajuku after dark.

In addition to the vivid aqua braids, her look includes an oversized bleached hoodie (the oversized sweater-as-dress look is trending right now in Tokyo), thigh high white stockings, and Dr. Martens boots. Accessories include a head scarf, a Vivienne Westwood necklace, and a backpack from Adidas.

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  1. Her hair is so perfect! And I totally love her fashion sense :3

  2. Is she wearing a wig? Great color, beautiful long hair..

  3. Diana895

    She is so pretty! Love her outfit and hair (:

  4. this is honestly one of my most favourite outfits i’ve ever seen, simple and yet suitable for hotter climates