Blonde Bob, Ruffled Top & Mickey Mouse purse

This cute Japanese girls with a blonde bob is Hazuki, a 22-year-old beautician. She’s wearing a gray top with black topstitching and black lace ruffles over a short ruffled chiffon skirt. Her black leggings are the perfect complement to her slouchy open toe boots. A skull printed on the legging adds an edgy touch.

Her quilted purse features a Mickey Mouse logs. It’s from LDS (the Love Drug Store brand).
Ruffled blouse & chiffon skirt

Blonde bob & lace ruffles

LDS quilted Mickey Mouse bag

Black leggings & open toe boots

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  1. Really nice, this is a style I definitely love. She matched her entire outfit great <333

  2. Dominique

    all the pieces are so well put together. She definitely pulled off this look.

  3. I would die for those boots ;O; I don’t suppose anyone can ID the brand?

  4. Ela tá tão linda,amei.Só que o cabelo parece peruca, mas tá bonito, pois peruca também é legal.

  5. Madonna Lily

    I agree with Queen. Too common.
    Too matchy.
    I like her hair though.

  6. those boots could be Burberry, if you look closely at the lining…it has the classic nova check print O.o

  7. joviecole

    fabulous all around the colors the style accessories love them

  8. Where can I get that purse ??? Please I’m in LOVE with it ..