Blonde Hair, Stole & Over-the-Knee Boots in Shibuya

We photographed this blonde Japanese girl on the street near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.

She’s wearing a bold red coat with a white dress (or skirt) and over-the-knee black boots. Her purse is by Vivienne Westwood and her other accessories include one of those large fur stoles that were somewhat popular in Tokyo this winter as well as a couple of fuzzy hair ties. She’s also got a variety of charms attached to the strap of her Vivienne Westwood bag.

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Note: These street snaps were taken before the big earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Harajuku, so we’re working on getting caught up on our street snap postings. Please consider supporting the earthquake relief efforts through one of these organizations.

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  1. Cute, cute! Not so much digging the fur, though. :/
    Hopefully it’s fake. >_>;

  2. Bi> hahaha.. that’s what i wanna say too.. LOL~~ Inuyasha female version.. XD

  3. JinaSensei

    I like her outfit very much. The red is striking. I like that she has the guts to wear the fox fur. It is awesome. And just like bi said~ Inuyasha. First thing I thought when I saw her pic on FB.

  4. I don’t have a problem with fur at all, but her stole is most likely recycled vintage, which is a little different don’t you think? Either way she’s totally adorable! I loved this outfit, and her stole is a really nice one.

  5. Smartalicus

    Oh it’s real all right… Years of following fashion and buying or simply seeing accessories in person will train one how to see how light reflects off the fur and the general distribution of how it falls…
    Aside from that, the Japanese have a profound respect for living things that is not always as widely shared in the Western world. That being said, they recognize that there is a balance to things in life, and if an animal dies and the fur is used for warmth or other purpose to aid another living thing, the death is not in vain.

    I understand animal rights activists’ point of view. Sadly, many of them get off more on making noise and riling people up than they do about actually helping the animals who really are endangered or mistreated.

    However, if EVERYTHING living lived forever, I do not think you would enjoy this world very much.

  6. Smartalicus, I am not an animal rights activist and I love wearing faux fur but even I think that real fur is disgusting. The Japanese are not “respecting” living things by wearing their fur.
    “…they recognize that there is a balance to things in life, and if an animal dies and the fur is used for warmth or other purpose to aid another living thing, the death is not in vain.”
    It’s not like the Japanese randomly found dead foxes and, to be resourceful, decided to skin their fur. These foxes were bred for for the sole purpose of their fur. Killing an animal for necessity and killing an animal for vanity are two very different things.
    That said, I think the girl’s outfit (aside from the fox stole) is cute. I especially like her tote bag and her over-the-knee boots!

  7. Maria Fernanda Cassias

    It doesnt matter if fox fur is old or not. I simply cant accept that someone uses that in our days. I feel sorry :(

  8. BlackBoUnTy

    putting animal’s corpse over your neck is NOT cool.

  9. The stole is very interesting. Now as much as I like real fur, I dunno how I feel when the critter still has its own head… and paws.. attached. Like it’s just been skinned O.o . Keep it without head/paws lol.

  10. Lisai’s comment is right on the money. Wear fur if you want to, talk about how animal rights activists just like “riling people up” (Gee, I thought all protests were supposed to do that?), but own your choices with your eyes open, like an adult would.

    The fox did not die a natural death–it was likely electrocuted and boiled—and its purpose is completely decorative. This girl is not wearing a dead animal around her neck because she’s in the tundra. She’s wearing it because she likes it.

    I’d have more respect for people who wear fur if they didn’t constantly try to justify themselves with overreaching logic.

    That being said, I like her hair and rings, but I feel like the outfit is kind of a no-brainer. A platinum blonde looking great in a red coat is kind of a given. The only thing novel here is the rotting corpse inches from her face, and that is just…frumpy,maggoty, and vile.

    When are the dinosaurs coming back? I’m seriously sick of us being on the top of the food chain.

  11. She looks great WITH or WITHOUT the fur. Her outfit is a complete win.

  12. nice outfit but …
    why is she wearing a dead animal ??
    use faux fur for the next outfit!!
    poor little fox *sob*
    it´s cruel to use real fur only for fashion!

  13. I do not like this outfit, would never wear it. The fur thingy is horrible and I don’t think the rest of the outfit can carry that horribleness.

  14. geeeeeeez people are uppity about fur here. the more you protest, the less likely i am to reconsider. i primarily believe in using fur/leather from animals with excess populations or those that feed others (i.e. buffalo, sheep, or bison), but i will make an exception for fox given it is among the warmest fur available. people will wear what they wear, and if they’re willing to buy fur, they’re long past the point of conversion. and i find the idea of wearing petroleum-based fabric much more creepy than fur (although we could do without the heads and paws). if fashion is an art, she accomplished something by creating a reaction. she’s also cute and looks very warm!

  15. Love the fox fur! I will buy the samekind for myself for the fall!

  16. Ok, wear that fox without the head and pawns then you can pretend it’s not a innocent animal’s corpse around your neck!

  17. People reacting to the fur is exactly what she wants you know?
    Plus, seriously it’s not like she was wearing an endangered specie around her neck. It’s a Fox that was raised for that. Like the cow raised to always be pregnant and be plugged in a machine so you can drink you milk.
    Or the duck that you will eat.
    Or the deer you hunt because deer taste good.

    Seriously, people creeping out for a Fox fur should consider the animal still living and suffering. It’s like Brigitte Bardeau “SAVE THE BABY SEAL IN THE NORTH” but hey, you know what? While she was shouting this around the world, her dogs died of hunger.

    Oh and no, we are not making a bloody murder of baby seals and we haven’t for a long while. They’re protected since I don’t know when.

    Result, we now have and overpopulation of seals that are overeating our fish and making a whole speacie of fish dissapear. Bravo.

  18. Completely agree with A 100%! There’s nothing wrong with real fur, animals are all going 2 die at some point in there life; and while I do think that it is somewhat cruel to kill animals that way, think about how millions of animals, such as cows, chickens, and etc. are killed 2 be eaten thousands of times a day. Im pretty sure that the rest of the foxes body does not go to waste….

  19. Redrose: I don’t think it’s an overpopulation of SEALS eating all the fish and causing it to disappear, I rather think it’s an overpopulation of HUMANS and fish is just another resource slowly running out because 7+ Billion of the human race is a bit much for a single planet to handle. :P

    I personally do not like the fur, I think she deserves a slap in the face for that. Then again, I also think everyone eating at KFC or MCD deserve a slap in the face for that, because eating cheap meat every day is probably just as bad or even worse.
    The fox is just a very ‘in your face’ way to show that you have no problem mistreating animals, thus getting more people worked up. But fact is that like 90% of the human population have no respect whatsoever, they just do not show it that drastically.

    Regarding the outfit: I love her haircolour!! But all in all the colours she chose remind me of Santa (red coat, black boots, white fur accents) …so I don’t really dig it. XD;

  20. I really hope that all the people on here who are complaining about killing that fox for fur are vegetarians. One could argue that killing cows, pigs, etc. is more resourceful because those are killed for food, but meat isn’t the only option in the world for food just as real fur isn’t the only option in the world to express fashion.

  21. Perhaps some people don’t understand, and Im not bashing westerners because I am one – but we can’t expect a country on the other side of the world to follow our beliefs just because we think it’s right. If some girls over there want to wear real fur then they will wear real fur and we are just gonna have to deal with it. Japan is not the U.S, or Canada, England, or Australia and a many Japanese simply don’t view this animal cruelty stuff the same way we do.
    Stuff like this is why we Americans especially are stereotyped as always being in shock that the rest of the world doesn’t do things the way we do or that we’re constantly trying to be the world’s “police” (I’m not saying all of you are also Americans but I bet plenty are). They’re not gonna change their culture just because some people thousands of miles away bitched and moaned about it.

  22. She has a beautiful face! And I love her shoes. Do want O_O