Blonde Harajuku Girls in LilLilly, k3&Co, Jouetie, Syrup & American Apparel

Mariya and Asuza are two blonde 19-year-old students wearing mostly white who we met in Harajuku.

Mariya, on the left, is wearing a shirt dress from LilLilly with red Converse sneakers. Her accessories are from E hyphen word gallery, and they include daisy earrings and a cross choker. She is also carrying a red bag. To find out more about Mariya, visit her on Twitter.

Asuza is pictured to the right with pink-tipped hair. She is earring a Jouetie fluffy top over a sheer long sleeve, with an American Apparel skirt. Her gingham bag is Syrup and her platform sandals are Cannabis x k3 x Vargas. She is also wearing a Vivienne Westwood logo ring, earrings, and a rainbow choker from Spinns.

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