Blonde Japanese Girl in Pillbox Hat & Veil

This blonde Japanese girl was photographed in Ura-Hara near where Killer Dori meets Cat Street. She is wearing a long flowing layered red dress with black knitted accents and an animal print belt, leopard print heels, a black pillbox hat, and a black veil. (It is not often that we see anyone in a pillbox hat and veil in Harajuku – or anywhere else in Japan, so we were very thankful that she was willing to pose for our picture.) Her is also carrying a vintage-looking flower-covered clutch and a black parasol.

Japanese Girl in Red Dress

Veil and Clutch in Harajuku

Click the top photo to see it larger.

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  1. She is so hot, my dream girl. Does anyone have her phone number?

  2. Wow, cool style! Am I the only one getting kind of a vamp feel from her though? :P

  3. This is a vision of a true lady! Such great style :)