Blonde Shibuya Girl With Chanel Nail Art & Fishnets

We met this friendly Japanese gal on Center Street in Shibuya.

She’s wearing a furry black coat over a black dress with black fishnet stocking and black boots with black furry covers. More than her outfit, what really caught our attention about this girl was her blonde/silver hair and her deco nail art. As is often the case in Shibuya, her nails are decorated to the extreme. The nail art that she’s wearing features jewels, skulls, large hearts with Chanel logos, and other smaller Chanel logos all over the place. She’s also carrying a shopping bag from the popular Shibuya 109 fashion brand D.I.A.

You can blow up any of the photos by clicking on them. We especially recommend checking out the nail art photo in high resolution!

Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.

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  1. مصختها الاخت في اظافرها وكحلها!!!

  2. Love her hair. It looks cool and so do her nails! Though I don’t think I’d have the guts to get all of that done myself!

  3. Mineko-chan

    dont like at all…looks scary. she looks like a little furry monster with claws =_=’

  4. How does she wipe herself after the toilet? With great difficulty?

  5. I like the clothes.. but her makeup is terrible. Especialy her eyes.

  6. Style Invasion

    Interesting look. Some great photography here, especially the last picture with the background thrown out of focus. Nice! I’d also like to get my hands on one of those nifty Tokyo Fashion business cards!

  7. I Love this look! Maybe kinda gyaru-ish? With the nails, big hair, eyemake up + circle lenses. I think shes cute, and bold! ^ ^

  8. I like it. It’s a style known as Gyaru.

    If you google the term you’ll find a lot of people doing it.

  9. jelly head

    It has nothing to do with if she looks good, bad or practical… These girls are just making a statement that they are bold, freaky, free spirited, something out of this world, and not worrying about what anyone thinks. It is a cry for change to somewhat still supressed society of Japan, and believe me it has been changing the way people think. I say Go Girls!

  10. Too much nails. Not very pretty the mark Channel almost everywhere

  11. Her hair, her eyes and her nails are horrible !

  12. Too much everything, the nails must really be in the way and she looks a bit too hookerisch. Her hair is really cute, but the fact that it’s covering up the neck makes it disturbing. She should tune it down a bit and then the results will be better, I think.

  13. Luv her look too many people are scared to be crazy. It’s all about having fun:) How do you know what a hooker looks like? Hang with them much?

  14. Choco-chan

    Extream,unique,but flattering! Love this outfit! Except the nail :P

  15. Okay seriously, I don’t mind when people look bold and have a unique look… what I mind about is the fact that it’s totally at her disadvantage.
    The way she wear this outfit make her look small, fatty and furry monster look.

    -Curly hair are good, but she doesn’t have the cover her chest with it. It makes her look like a male lion and it hide the neck completely.
    -The dress is way too short, that’s why people say it look like a hooker style. With a dress this short, wearing a legging is the best option.
    -Then the fur coat… If it had been shorter or longer, it would have made her look taller and would have gave the feeling that she was actually human. The fact that it’s the same length of the dress makes her look small yet again and it make her look fat.
    -Fishnet with a dress this short? It screams hooker. I like fishnet, but we must think of the whole.
    -Boots fitting the coat is a good idea, but it would look better if the rest of the outfit was different.

    And the nails… the nails… with all this fur and the way her hairs are place, it looks like hideous claws. First, they’re too long. It’s not even practical! Then, all the nailart… it’s nice, but moderation would have look way better.

  16. Cute outfit! Her nails are awesome (altho I won’t attempt it!). Very creative!!

  17. I like her outfit, its cute, fun and sexy. I also like her nails, though I don’t think I would like them that long lol

  18. Princess Whome

    I love it all and go with the same look except the nails, my Japanese boyfriend loves it!

  19. Alexander

    I wonder how she gets out the stuff of her pockets .. or wallet ?

  20. Wait… look closely. Isn’t that a pocket? Doesn’t that mean that those are shorts…? Anyway, I love her boots and her makeup! :D