Here’s a cool blonde Japanese girl who we ran into on the street near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.

She’s wearing a red felt bowler hat and matching red mouton boots, skinny gray acid wash jeans, a long black jacket with bomber sleeves, and a long t-shirt with a print featuring large red lips. Her accessories include a leopard print scarf and a large red leather clasp purse.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. Perfect .
    i’d only change those boots / shoes / whatever .
    But her HAIR <3 !

  2. I wonder how she got her hair like that keke *u*

  3. I absolutely love this, except for her boots. I love that they’re platform, but boots like those remind me of those hideous uggs.

  4. Yes-chan

    i like this outfit, i feel like i could pull this off too (i hope) ^_^
    …..and and and my eyes have just been opened to the possibilities of gray, acid-washed jeans

  5. Love her hair, hat and bag!!! herself is also lovely! :)