Blue Hair & Leather vs. Red Hair & Camo on the Street in Shinjuku

Erika and Yuka are two 19-year-old Bunka Fashion College students who we street-snapped near the school’s main campus in Shinjuku.

Erika – on the left with blue hair – is wearing a Nadia Harajuku leather jacket over a Topshop leather dress, black stockings, and Yosuke platform heels. Accessories – some of which came from Nadia – include a cross necklace, silver rings, and a Rolick bag. Her favorite designer is Alexander McQueen and she enjoys the music of Lynch and Dir en Grey. For more info, find Erika on Twitter.

Yuka – with the short red/pink hair – is wearing a camo jacket from WEGO over a handmade manga t-shirt, shorts, and WEGO boots. Accessories include an anime eye mask and a Bunka Fashion College bag. Yuka’s favorite designer is Thom Browne and she likes music from anime and rock. She’s also active on Twitter.

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