Blue Haired Fashion Student in David David Tee

We couldn’t help but notice this 18-year-old guy with blue hair in Harajuku and had to snap his photo. Okayama is a student at Sugino Gakuen fashion college. He bought his David David t-shirt and tie dye skinny jeans at Candy, a Shibuya select shop. His white athletic shoes are from Converse.

His accessories include headphones and novelty sunglasses (if you look closely at the lens you will see the image of large eyes).
David David t-shirt & tie dye skinny jeans

Blue hair & David David t-shirt

Blue hair & cool shades

Skinny jeans and Converse shoes

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  1. Hinaichigo

    great outfit :D
    i’m in love with his sun glasses x’)

  2. PushedinPlace

    <3 it it reminds me of what i wore when i was a child in the 90's glad the look is coming back for some ppl