BonBon Beret Girl & Guy in Harajuku

This cute Japanese girl and guy were photographed in Harajuku. The girl is wearing a beret with a puffy ball on top. In Japan, they call those balls on the top of hats bonbons – so, that makes this hat an awesomely named “BonBon Beret”. Besides that, she’s wearing a green dress with lace, bows, and a flower pattern, a black jacket, and shiny black ankle boots with bows on the sides. The guy with her is wearing a flannel/plaid shirt with a black vest, jeans, and shiny black sneakers. In the closeup photo, he’s wearing glasses as well.

Girl in Dress, Guy in Vest

BonBon Beret Girl

Japanese Guy in Glasses

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  1. dillmockingbird

    This outfit is very common in my school but it’s cute still :)