Bow Tie, White Hat & White Hair in Harajuku

This cool Japanese guy dressed in all light-colored fashion (except the boots) was photographed in Harajuku. He told us he is 19 years old and currently attending beauty college. He’s wearing a white hat over his (awesome) white/silver hair, a striped button-up shirt with a bow tie, a long white shirt, a light colored blazer, gray pants from Topman, and black boots. He told us that most of the clothing he’s wearing is from resale shops and/or vintage, and that his favorite shops include Kinsella Harajuku and Dog Harajuku.

Vintage & Resale Men's Fashion

Cool White Hair Color

Bow Tie and Hat in Harajuku

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  1. I really like this guy’s style, though his facial expression (and the white hair) makes it look like he’s just seen a ghost! Hmm, the girl with the red bag in the background doesn’t look too bad either :) Those little bits of extra information – such as where he likes to shop, where he got his stuff, and where he goes to school – are great, too. Really gives you a better sense of who he is. Nice!