Twin Buns & Braids, Emoda, Unif, YRU & Lure Magic in Harajuku

Marimo is a model who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. When we met her this time, she had a colored braids hairstyle with feather hair decorations.

Marimo’s look features a black Emoda coat with an oversized UNIF sweatshirt, a Lure Magic faux leather skirt, cross print tights, and YRU platform shoes (with transparent platforms). Accessories – which came from Monomania, Spinns, and Fushigi-ya – include lots of piercings, metal band rings, googly eyes nail art, and a YRU backpack.

Marimo’s favorite fashion brands include Emoda and Unif and she likes listening to the Japanese band SID. For more info, find Marimo on Instagram or Twitter.

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