Brazilian Tattoo Artist in Gothic Harajuku Street Style w/ Medusa Piercing, Cameo Jewelry, Graphic Dress, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Winged Heart Bag & Boots

Easily catching our attention in Tokyo is Beatriz, a Brazilian tattoo artist based in Tokyo.

This afternoon, orange-haired Beatriz stepped out sporting a gothic look. Her style features an asymmetric chiffon vest – bought in China – and layered with a sheer black lace camisole top from Alice and the Pirates. She also wore a print dress with sheer black sleeves and ruffled lace hem trims, also bought in China. Sheer black polka dot socks, pointy lace-up ankle boots from Reversa and an Alice and the Pirates heart-shaped bag with bat wings rounded out her look. Beatriz embellished her style with a black wide brim hat with sheer fabric and feather trims from Angelic Pretty and accessories such as dangling fishbone earrings, a gold cross necklace, a cameo cuff bracelet, a multi-strand pearl bracelet and a couple of brass knuckle rings. Some of her accessories are from China while some are handmade and antique/vintage pieces.

Beatriz lists Angelic Pretty, Sheglit and Vivienne Westwood as her fashion favorites and she enjoys the music of Japanese rock band, Buck-Tick and heavy-metal band, Dir En Grey. Check out Beatriz on Instagram and on her official website.

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