Bright Romantic Standard Dress & Remade Painted Denim Vest

This cute girl in a black beret is Achamu, a 19-year-old student. Her stylish outfit features a studded and painted vest remade from a denim jacket and a bright print dress from Romantic Standard. Her black creepers are worn with striped black-and-white socks.

Achamu’s accessories from Nadia and Monomania include a velvet choker with silver anchor medallion, a narrow gold ring, a black cross ring, two rubberband bracelets and a black cross-body bag

Achamu told us her favorite fashion source is Nadia and her favorite band is Radwimps.

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  1. YES!!!!! If I could steal that vest from her, I would!!! She looks fantastic in it, and I love her cross ring.

  2. Sammyswisso

    Nice gothic stain glass window jacket !

  3. Dorky.eyecandy

    Dang! I Love the ring. Gotta make exactly like that @[email protected] is it okae?
    And the girl, she look like michelle phan a bit :p all in all i Love her style except the shoes i think its kinda’ not fit in.. I’m thinking of more dramatic. Teehee :D

  4. I love her hair color :-( How i wish someone in my area knows how to get that kinda shade.