Broken Doll Fan w/ Sexpot Revenge, Algonquins & Heels in Harajuku

Shin, 26, is a regular attendee of Harajuku Fashion Walk (which is why he might look very familiar to those of you who have followed our coverage of those events). When we spotted him in Harajuku this time, he was wearing an all black gothic-punk look and heeled shoes.

Shin is wearing a torn skull t-shirt together with large, studded knee-length shorts, both from Sexpot Revenge. He has thick chains around his neck and on the sides of the shorts, and is wearing a red spike collar with a cross pendant. He accessorized with arm warmers and black nailpolish, and a pair of heeled lace-up boots with a peep-toe. He says his accessories are from Algonquins.

His favorite shops are Sexpot Revenge and Super Lovers, and he can’t get enough of Broken Doll’s music.

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  1. Cool! I love nails, shorts could be easily swapped for a skirt!

  2. so love japanese guys~! they’re not afraid to dress edgy and bold~!