Bubbles Harajuku Dress, 6%DOKIDOKI Choker & Composition Book Backpack

This brunette girl with a cute bob hairstyle is Lana. When we met her in Harajuku, she told us that she is 23 years old and that she works as a company employee.

Lana is wearing a Bubbles Harajuku velvet dress over a floral shirt from H&M, with a blue Kinji trench coat on top. She is also wearing lace shorts from Bubbles, a Kinsella composition book backpack, and platform sandals from Lowrys Farm with jeweled socks. Her bow and bell choker is from 6%DOKIDOKI, and her watch is Vivienne Westwood.

Lana told us that she likes shopping from Bubbles and that she’s a fan of B1A4’s music. Find out more about her from her Twitter and Instagram.

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