Bubbles Harajuku Style w/ Mesh Top, Harley Davidson & Mini Skirt

Eriko works at the influential vintage boutique Bubbles Harajuku, which is one of her favorite shops (along with Kinsella Harajuku).

Eriko is wearing a Harley Davidson tank top over a mesh long sleeve from Bubbles. She paired her tops with a mini skirt, which is also from Bubbles. She is wearing earrings and piercings, an eye necklace and ring, and several other rings, all of which are from Bubbles. Her ankle boots are by Guess.

You can find Eriko online on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

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  1. Longroad12

    Very beautiful young lady, her dress attire is fantastic, those boots are out of this world. I am not 2 sure about that 1 eye deal. lol !!