Bubbles Harajuku Tattoo Top, Nadia Dress & GRL Seashell Purse

This is Rinako, a 17-year-old student with ombre hair we spotted in Harajuku.

She is wearing a Nadia dress over a tattoo print long sleeve (with ice cream cones) from Bubbles Harajuku. Her shorts are from Emoda, her straw and pearls seashell purse is from GRL and her platform flip-flops are from Bubbles. She is also wearing pompom earrings, a choker ribbon, heart rings, a watch and a bracelet – all of which are from the Harajuku boutiques Nadia and Bubbles (which are also her two favorite shops).

Rinako’s favorite bands are TUXQ and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and she gave us her Twitter in case you want to look her up.

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  1. rierie2612

    It’s “TVXQ!” not “TVUQ!” ~ ^^
    I’m so happy to see a BigEast here *_* She’s so pretty and her look is really cute ♡